We only provide the best features for our members. Discover everything we include for just $20 per month.

early pairs


Get the hottest pairs on the market in hand before the market even touches them!



100% Secure your pairs before the release so you can kick back and relax on drop day!


Electronic Flips

CPUs, GPUs and Consoles; Learn the ins and outs of easily copping and flipping hyped electronics!


FAST Monitors

Not your ordinary monitor setup! We work with a variety of monitor providers to give our members a custom monitor experience! Don't miss a single restock ever!

Insider Info

Giving our members the most sustainable ledge possible. By providing leaks from reputable sources and insider personnel our members will stay steps ahead of all others!

Exclusive Release Guides

Gain every bit of info you need for drop day, days before!We break down every bit of info you may need!

Top Tier ACO

Sleep in on every drop day and let our Expert level Botting Staff do all the work for you!


Exclusive access to purchase private bots, proxies and other equipment that will help you cook every drop day!


When you join us you are joining a FAMILY that wants to see your success. Together we will ALL grow!

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated staff that will be able to answer any question you have at any time!


Here is what our beta users had to say

"The Preme Kitchen has been great to work with. Adding our services couldn’t have went smoother. Also gave us some good suggestions on some features that we should add. Nothing bad to say. These guys are legit!"

Mesh Monitors

This group is amazing and the staff is really fun and helpful. They do a lot of cool and unique things that many other groups don't do. I'm really thankful for the groupbuys cuz I just bought my first copy of TSB and we had a gb for some accounts too so I'm ready to cook now. Really great community and the group is amazing.


"This group is so dope! The fact that it's free and they have really fast monitors PLUS EARLY PAIRS, like what other group has that??? The owner goomba is really kind and gets back to everyone really quick and everyone is very friendly. Overall i'd say this is the best group that's free right now! Love everyone in the group keep it up! "


"This group has helped me make so much profit and the fact that its free is mind boggling! The giveaways are legit and the info is top tier. There are features that most other paid groups don't have that are in here. Looking forward to more success!"

Floyd McPoncho

"Incredible group! They have everything that other cookgroups have and more. Getting exclusive info that I can’t find anywhere else. 100/10"


"The Preme Kitchen has completely elevated my reselling hustle. They have provided me with everything I need to be successful and make money. This includes: Restock Monitors, Release Info, ACO Services, Botting info, Opportunities with partners of the server, early pairs and leaks, a community marketplace, and much much more. The staff and community are always so helpful and friendly. Much love for this server, 10/10 would recommend, definitely worth it."


"Since joining this cook group I have learned more about sneakers than I have ever known. Within a week of joining I was cooking shoes for retail, and leveling up my game tenfold, including my socials with the help of the early pairs. The community the team has built is unparalleled on many levels. I will continue using this group until the end of time."



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